New Arrivals

  • Epuri Ramulu Law of Evidence (Telugu)2012
  • Dr N Maheshwara Swamy Land Laws under the Constitution 1st edn. reprint 2018
  • Laymans Guide to Law Know Your Rights Edn. 2018
  • Dr S R Myneni Constitutional Law 2 edn 2017 ( organisation and administration of the state )
  • Barkha & U. Rama Mohan Cyber Law and Crimes IT Act 2000 & Computer Crime Analaysis 3rd Edn. 2016
  • Dr. Rega Surya Rao Lectures on Jurisprudence and Legal Theory Reprint 2018
  • Jurists on Growing Crimes Deterrent Punishment (Search for appropriate theory of punishment) 1st edn
  • M.Sridhar Legal Language (2nd Edn.) reprint 2017
  • Epuri Ramulu Police Investigation Security Proceeings for Prevention of Crime Plea Bargaining Crpc Amendments Act edn 2017 in telugu
  • Narayan Laxman Rao Commentary on Code of Civil Procedure,1908 2nd Edition 2019 in 2 Vols CPC
  • Law of Civil Wrongs edn. 2014
  • Dictionary on Indian Patent Law ( For the fist time in India) 1st Edn. 2012
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