CA Books

  • CA Vinod Gupta DIRECT TAX SUMMARY AND REVISION ASSESSMENT YEAR 2020-2021 FINANCE ACT 2019 FOR CA FINAL relevant for old course as well as new course 36th edn.
  • CA Vinod Gupta Direct Tax Modules for CA Final Assessment year 2020-21 Finance Act 2019 36th Edition set of 5 modules summary module not included ( 1,2,3,4,5 modules released)
  • Surbhi Bansal Auditing and Assurance for CA Intermediate IPCC / PCC 23rd Edn. including more than 1000 MCQs covering all chapters as applicable for nov 2019 exams for old syllabus
  • CA Munish Bhandari A Handbook on Law Ethics and Communication for CA IPC 22nd edn. aug 2019 for nov 2019 exams OLD SYLLABUS including 500+ MCQs
  • Ca Final Indirect Tax IDT Part 1 Goods and Services Tax Part 2 Customs and Foreign Trade Policy for May 2020 exams
  • CA Surbhi Bansal Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics ( for Old as well as New Course) 21st Edn. for CA Final for may 2020 exams includes 1500+ MCQs
  • Manish Valechha Self Study Guide on Information Systems Control and Audit Memory Based Edition for CA Final ISCA fully simplified edition ideal for self study or as a classroom supplement applicable for nov 2019 exams
  • First Lessons in Financial Reporting for CA Final NEW SYLLABUS 3rd edn. 2020
  • CA ABhishek Bansal Corporate Allied and Economic Law for CA Final Old Syllabus and New Syllabus applicable for nov 2019 exam onwards
  • CA Munish Bhandari A Textbook on Corporate and Economic Laws applicable for may 2020 exams for new syllabus
  • GST and Customs Question Book Indiret Taxation descrptive questions and answer edn. 2020
  • All in One CS Foundation Book 3rd edn. december 2018
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