New Arrivals

  • Meena Shankar Lectures on Company Law ( Companies Act 2013) ( Corporate Law 1 ) 1st edn. 2015
  • Acharya N.K. Commentary on Right to Information Act 2005 (15th Editiion 2019) RTI paperback
  • Y. V. Rao Law relating to Medical Negligence 3rd edn. reprint 2019
  • Bare Act Indian Constitution of India 3rd edn,. 2019
  • Acharya N.K. Shorter Encyclopaedia of Legal Terms 3rd Edn. 2016
  • Padala Rama Reddi Revised Pay Scales 2015 TELANGANA STATE including other orders issued by the Pay revision Commissioner 8th edn. 2015
  • P.V.Rama Raju Indian Stamp Act,1899 as applicable in AP & Registration Act,1908 as applicable in AP and Telangana 17th edn 2019
  • The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014 including Polavaram Authority Notification and Commentary in telugu reprint 2020
  • Padala Rama Reddi & Padala Srinivasa Reddy The Telangana Fundamental Rules & Subsidiary Rules (31th Edn.) 2019
  • P.S.Sarma Hand book for Executive Magistrates 2nd edn.. 2019
  • Barkha & U. Rama Mohan Cyber Law and Crimes IT Act 2000 & Computer Crime Analaysis 3rd Edn. 2016
  • Ahmedullah Khan Commentary on Labour and Industrial Law 3rd edn. 2019
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