New Arrivals

  • Padala Rama Reddi Minimum Rates of Wages in Telangana aslso contaning Act Rules and Notifications throughly revised 19 th edn. 2015
  • Handbook on Land Matters 7th edn. 2019
  • Justice P.S. Narayana Law of Power of Attorney 2nd Edn. 2014
  • Dr S R Myneni Law of Intellectual Property 9th Edn. 2019
  • Justice P.S. Narayana Law of Injunctions 11th Edn. 2019
  • Dr Rega Surya Rao Family Law 1 ( Hindu Law ) in Hindi 2nd edn. 2014
  • Dr S R Myneni Laws in Regional Language 1st edn. 2017 in Telugu
  • M.Sridhar FIR Arrest and Bail 3rd edn. 2015 ( reprint 2018)
  • Dr. S.R. Myneni Labour Laws 2 reprint updated reprint Edn. 2018
  • Ghanshyam Upadhyay Tax Rate Finder in A.P. with FREE CD Edn. 2013
  • S.A. Chari Employees Provident Fund Act with Schemes (epf) 23rd Edn. 2018-19
  • Dr Rega Surya Rao Lectures on Company Law Companies Act 2013 in Hindi edn. 2017
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