New Arrivals

  • Hasan Askari Worlds First Dramatized Case Studies 1st edn. 2016
  • Dr. Rega Surya Rao Lectures on Constitutional Law reprint 2018
  • Acharya N.K. Evaluation of Evidence 1st Edn. 2010
  • Padala Rama Reddi Prosecuting Officers Examination Course Material Objective and Descriptive for the Examinations of APPS in 2 vols as per latest Syllabus
  • P. Hanumanthu ALL ABOUT Suspensions Subsistance Allowance Revoke and Reinstatement Regularisation Inquries Disciplinary Proceedings Penalities Appeals including prescribed proformas relevant government orders 2nd edn. 2019
  • Anoopam Modak Supreme Court on CONSUMERISM EDN. 2013
  • ALH Law of Insecticides, Fertiliser Control Order FCO, Seeds & Essential Commodities Act 1955 ( 18th Edn. 2018)
  • Dr Rega Surya Rao Lectures on Criminal Procedure Code 2nd edn. reprint 2018
  • Justice Dr. Gurugubelli Yethirajulu Public Law Remedy Compensation Edn. 2010
  • Dr. Rega Surya Rao Lectures on Professional Ethics, Accountancy for Lawyers and Bar Bench Relation Reprint 2019
  • Prof Dr G S Sharma Law Relating to Women and Children edn. 2015
  • P.Satyanarayana Land Laws in Telugu edn. reprint 2015
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