New Arrivals

  • M.J.Aslam Law of Contract in 2 vols edn. 2nd 2017
  • Ahmedullah Khan Commentary on Labour and Industrial Law 3rd edn. 2019
  • All About Fundamental Rules and Pay Fixation Made Easy edn. reprint 2020
  • Criminal Trial and Enquiries ( Law Practice and Procedure ) 1st edn. 2015
  • Dr. S.R. Myneni Administrative Law 2nd edn. 2020
  • Jawaharlal Jasthi Board of Directors under New Companies Act 2013 1st edn. 2014
  • ALH Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 with Rules & Regulations and notifications (esi) 16th edn. 2019
  • M.Sridhar Legal Language (3rd Edn.) 2019
  • Justice P.S. Narayana Public Interest Litigation (5th Edn. 2018) PIL
  • Concise Medico Legal Dictionary 1st edn. 2019
  • Ahmedullah Khan Law relating to Social Security in India with U.k. and U.S.A social security systems edn. 2014
  • Acharya N.K. (Guide to CPC) in Telugu Code of Civil Procedure as amended by Act no. 46 of 1999 and Act 22 of 2002
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