New Arrivals

  • Nabhi Summary of Recommendations of the 7th central pay commission 1st edn 2016
  • Satya Prasad TVR Income Tax on Salaries (18th Edn.) ASSESSMENT YEARS 2018-2019 AND 2019- 2020 illustrations included
  • Bare Act Explosives Act, 1884 , Rules, 2008
  • Dr. Rega Surya Rao Lectures on Family Law 2 ( muslim law and personal laws ) reprint 2017
  • P. Hanumanthu All About Telangana State Employees Service Matters and Benefits ( All in One Volume ) 2nd edn. 2016
  • P V Rama Raju The Indian Stamp Act,1899 and the Registration Act,1908 (as applicable in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) along with uniform rates of registration fees 16th Edn. 2016
  • Advocacy How to Present Your Case reprint 2013
  • Bare Act Insecticides Act 1968 along with commentary , rules and notifications 21st edn 2018
  • Dr. Rega Surya Rao Lectures on FAMILY Laws in India ( Hindu , Muslim and Personal Laws ) reprint 2018
  • Dr. Chowbe Acquisition of Patents Procedure and Practice 1st Edn. 2010
  • The New Face of Indian Real Estate 1st edn. 2018
  • Padala Rama Reddi The Telangana Financial Code 23rd edn. 2017
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