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  • Ghanshyam Upadhyay GST AP Goods and Services Act 2017 act no. 16 of 2017 dt 7-6-2017
  • V.J Raos Factories Laws in A.P / TS 17th edn updated reprint 2020
  • Law relating to Presumtions Burden and Proof of Documents 3rd edn. 2018
  • Justice P.S. Narayana Public Interest Litigation (5th Edn. 2018) PIL
  • World Trade Organisation (WTO) (4th Edn. 2016)
  • Dr. Rega Surya Rao Lectures on Legal Language & Legal Writing
  • All About Fundamental Rules and Pay Fixation Made Easy edn. 2018
  • Pandit Kamalakar Human Rights and Criminal Justice 1st Edn. reprint 2017
  • Dr. S.R. Myneni Law of Limitation reprint 2017
  • Jawaharlal Jasthi Board of Directors under New Companies Act 2013 1st edn. 2014
  • V.J Raos Law of Minimum Wages in Andhra Pradesh (20th Edn.) 2019 also containing act rules and notifications
  • Sameena Bazmoul Cyber Law and Crimes Questions and Answers 1st edn. 2018
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