New Arrivals

  • Dr. N.M. Swamy Lectures on Land Laws reprint edn 2016
  • P. Hanumanthu All About ( Perfect Maintenance of Service Register ) in Telugu
  • Bare Act The Information Technology Act 2000 along with rules and regulations edn. 8th 2018
  • S.A. Chari Employees Provident Fund Act with Schemes (epf) 23rd Edn. 2018-19
  • Prof Dr V Balakista Reddy / Dr Rahul J Nikam Space Law and Contemporary Issues Perspectives on Asia Pacific Region Edn. 2012
  • All About A.P. Employee Service Matters & Benefits reprint 2018
  • Dr S R Myneni Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments 4th edn. 2019
  • Bare Act Hindu Code 17 th edn. 2020
  • Padala Rama Reddi The Andhra Pradesh Land Reforms ( Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings ) Act, 1973 and rules 1974 with commentary as applicable in AP & TS 8th edn. reprint 2018
  • Dr. N.M. Swamy Lectures on The Law of Civil Procedure and Limitation 1st edn. 2016
  • P. Hanumanthu ALL ABOUT Seniority, Panel, DPC, Probation, Probationary, Period, Reglarisation ,Reservation in Recruitments, Roster Points Reservations in Promotions reprint edn. 2019
  • Pandit Kamalakar Human Rights and Criminal Justice 1st Edn. reprint 2019
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